About Us

Växbo Lin started in 1990, in the same place where linen has been produced for centuries. It was a crazy project initiated by ten villagers led by Rolf Åkerlund. Building a new textile factory at a time when most of Swedish industry had moved to countries with cheaper labor was quite a challenge. In 2006, we, Hanna & Jacob Bruce, bought the factory, and together with our employees, we weave and sew our linen products right here in Hälsingland.

Växbo Lin is living proof that it's possible to have production in Sweden. For us, it's important to keep the Swedish industry alive to preserve jobs and knowledge. Despite the fact that the cost of one weaver/seamstress in Sweden equals approximately 30 seamstresses in Asia, we maintain production in Sweden. Our goal is to weave together old craft traditions with modern design.

We firmly believe that we need to consume fewer but better things.
Our contribution is utility items in linen, a natural material that lasts for generations. Learn more about Hanna & Jacob here.