Växbo Lin - Made to Last

Swedish production with a focus on high quality is the foundation of our business idea. We operate our factory and conduct our own manufacturing in Sweden because we want to make an impact!

Influencing how we work with sustainability is crucial for us, and for us, sustainability involves several aspects:

Product sustainability

We manufacture utility items with high quality and timeless design that last long. It should withstand the wear and tear of both the hand and the eye. We have also chosen raw materials with care. All our products are made of 100% linen, a natural material that is compostable.

Production sustainability

We have a manufacturing process we are proud of, considering people, materials, and the environment. Having production in Sweden ensures that workplace safety standards are met, fair wages are paid, and environmental requirements are followed.

Social sustainability

We preserve knowledge and manage a cultural heritage so that we can continue to have domestic production and not become dependent on other countries to produce goods. If we lose the knowledge ourselves, how can we then demand quality and production methods? By keeping our manufacturing in Hälsingland, we contribute to keeping rural Sweden alive. Without jobs in the countryside, there is no vibrant rural community! We warp, weave, inspect, and sew all our linen products in our factory in Hälsingland. We hope you want to join us in making a choice for the future - fewer but better things! Our contribution is utility items in pure linen!