Packaging, Storage & Factory Shop

After washing and mangling, our linen products are ready to be sold, either in our own factory shop, through our website, or at one of our selected stores around the world. Our large inspiring factory shop also serves as our warehouse, from where we pick when fulfilling orders. We pack and ship all our products in corrugated cardboard packaging, produced in Hälsingland and folded on-site at our facility.

To our great delight, the majority of our sales take place in our factory shop in Växbo. We have evolved into one of Hälsingland's largest tourist destinations, of which we are very proud. In our factory shop, you will find our entire regular range, but also many exciting sample weavings, special collections such as clothing and accessories, as well as discounted second-grade items that you won’t find anywhere else. You also have the opportunity to see the entire production process in real life by joining one of our guided tours either independently or with one of our team members. Learn more about our factory shop and guided tours under Visit Us.