Hanna & Jacob

We took over the operation of Växbo Lin in 2006. The factory, which began as a crazy project, to build a new factory in the heart of the Swedish countryside, while much of Swedish industry moved to countries with cheaper labour. Many years later, our drive remains that Swedish industry should continue to thrive so that jobs and knowledge are preserved.

For us, the factory has become a life project where life and business blend together and where hands and machines intertwine in a beautiful combination.

We are inspired by our local area, the folk culture, and nature. Over the years, we have become real material enthusiasts.

We think a lot about questions like:

  • What do we need?
  • Will it be with me for a long time?
  • Are we proud of this?
  • Is it made in a good way?

We can answer YES to all these questions, and our focus is on utility items, things to use in everyday life, in linen, a natural material that ages with dignity and thus contributes to a sustainable world.

We run our factory because we WANT to.

We want to have a vibrant rural community, mix old and new, start small, grow slowly, offer jobs, preserve craftsmanship, have our own production, focus on sustainability, make things simple, live life.

In our factory, we have machines from 1923 and onwards. We are in the process of slowly replacing the older machines with new ones to ensure production.


Jacob & Hanna

(Below you will find the fantastic story about how Hanna & Jacob took over Växbo Lin.)

The Story of How Hanna & Jacob Took Over the Management of Växbo Lin in 2006

The linen factory, our best impulse buy?

Every day, we feel it's a fantastic honor and an exciting challenge to continue the linen tradition by running Växbo Lin. The dream that we would one day own and operate this fine company began in 1993 when I (Hanna) worked as a guide in the factory during the summer. I showed visitors around and told them about linen processing, and I was so fascinated by how a small factory in the forest could produce such fantastic linen products. I told Jacob, "If they ever sell this factory, we should buy it!" - We were 16 years old then, and who could have imagined that 13 years later, we would actually buy the factory?!

In 2005, we celebrated our wedding anniversary in Dalarna, and at a restaurant, we met the owner of Växbo Lin. I approached him and introduced myself: "Hi, do you remember me? I worked for you as a guide many years ago." Rolf didn't remember me, but he invited us to sit down and have a cup of coffee. We chatted, and before we parted ways, I blurted out, "If you ever decide to sell your factory, can you please give me a call? I want to buy it." Rolf, a man of great presence, was almost a little offended and thought I shouldn't believe that running a factory was child's play. I told him that, out of sheer curiosity, I had ordered Växbo Lin's financial statements for the past few years and knew how the company was doing! At first, he wondered if I was spying on him, but then he looked at me again and said, "Strange that you say this now because on the way here, I told my wife that since I'm 64 years old now, maybe it's time to find someone who can continue running Växbo Lin."

We both felt that this must be fate, so we packed our bags, left St Eriksplan in Stockholm, and moved up to Hälsingland and our little cottage.

On a snowy and cold day, March 1, 2006, we stood as owners of Växbo Lin, and it's the best impulse buy we've ever made!

Hanna & Jacob Bruce