It should withstand the wear and tear of both the eye and the hand.

We want a vibrant countryside, blending old and new, starting small, growing slowly, providing jobs, preserving craftsmanship, having our own production, focusing on sustainability, making it simple, living life.

That's our philosophy. We want to show that it's possible to have production in Sweden where we have control over the footprint we make with our production, where our employees are fairly paid, and where we maintain the highest quality for a long lifespan of our products. With the consumption patterns we've become accustomed to in the Western world, it's easy to forget all the work and all the people behind the production of every textile.

We've also become accustomed to a too-low price. A linen towel can't be priced too low if it's the finest long-fiber linen as raw material and if the weaver and seamstress have been fairly paid. For us, sustainability is precisely this: producing sustainable linen textiles in timeless designs that you won't get tired of and that can withstand daily use.