The Factory Store

Our factory store is located next door to the factory. Our large and inspiring store also serves as our warehouse and is filled with our entire range of tablecloths, runners, napkins, towels, bath towels, pillows, curtains, fabrics by the meter, yarn, and much more. We also have an exclusive range of clothing and accessories that are only available here, such as linen shirts, tunics, and handbags. Our new arrivals are always introduced through our factory store, and you also have the opportunity to find special weaves and seasonal colors that are not available anywhere else. All first-quality items are discounted.

Additionally, we have a large section for second-quality items where you can find incredible bargains such as sample weaves and fabrics with minor imperfections. Second-quality products are always discounted by at least 50% off the regular price.

Good to know:

  • Our entire facility is wheelchair and stroller accessible.
  • As a visitor, you are always welcome to come out and view the factory.
  • We have informative signs in the factory so you can take a "self-guided tour" to see the production.
  • There is a play area for children.
  • We have three customer toilets and a changing table.
  • You can enjoy a ”Swedish Fika” at our place.
  • We have an outdoor seating area, and during certain weeks in the summer, food is available from the Food Truck Nära Nära.