No Waste!

All production requires resources. That's why it's important for us to produce responsibly and ensure that all materials are used. We weave based on orders, which means we don't end up with large stocks of unsellable products; everything we produce gets sold.

Products that, for some reason, don't meet our first-grade standards are sold in our factory shop as second-grade items. These products often have minor aesthetic flaws such as a broken warp thread, a slightly uneven edge, or a change in colour resulting in multicoloured instead of solid colour, etc. These flaws often don't affect functionality, so we happily sell them to customers who visit us at the factory at a reduced price.

At the end of certain looms, there is a "selvedge" (a frayed strip of leftover yarn). We collect these and sell them to customers who use them for weaving, knitting, crocheting, etc.

Small leftover pieces that remain when we sew clothes or cut various measurements are put into small bags and sold as "bargain bags" in our factory shop at a real bargain price.

Any material that doesn't even qualify for the bargain bags is donated to preschools and schools in our area, which is a much-appreciated resource for crafting activities.

No waste, plain and simple!