Quality Control

Once the fabric is finished, the weavers carry the roll of fabric to our seamstresses. At the seamstresses' station, the tools of the trade include tweezers, needle, and scissors, along with a vigilant and critical eye, of course. Our seamstresses inspect the fabrics on both the right and wrong sides, cut them to the correct measurements, and remove parts with defects, which are then set aside for second-grade sorting, where you can find them at reduced prices. The seamstresses maintain a constant dialogue with the weavers regarding any defects discovered to minimize the number of meters woven with errors. Naturally, the weavers also play a crucial role in quality control, but it can be challenging to detect weaving faults on the loom that become apparent when linen fabric is laid out on a white sewing table.

The cut products are stacked for our seamstresses to take as needed.

Manufacturing of Custom Sizes

Some rolls of fabric are inspected and then placed in our "intermediate storage" awaiting orders. We manufacture many of our products specifically for you as a customer, and you can choose the length of your tablecloth, curtain, or runner. When we receive an order, we simply retrieve the inspected roll and cut it to the length you desire, hemming it while you browse around the factory shop or before it is dispatched to you.