Bubbel Bath towel

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A waffle-woven dream to wrap yourself in after the shower!
Absorbs well and dries quickly.
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Product description
Bubbel is the bath towel that has been in our range the longest. It was also one of the first wrinkle-free and iron-free products we launched.

We wanted to create a bath towel in pure linen, as an alternative to cotton terry towels. Linen is the perfect material for a towel. There is no natural fiber that absorbs moisture as well as linen, and it dries quickly.

Bubbel is woven in a waffle pattern which enhances its absorption capacity even more.

With its generous size, it's perfect for wrapping yourself in after a bath. Bubbel is thin, takes up little space, and since it dries quickly, it's perfect not only at home but also on the beach, at the pool, or while traveling. In the sauna, it feels cool against the skin, and its design makes it a piece of jewelry wherever you choose to use it.

The more it's used, the softer and more delightful it becomes. It gets more of a bubbly effect and character if it's not ironed. Woven with unbleached linen in the warp and colored or unbleached weft. A hanging loop on each short side.

Easy to care for as it only needs to be washed at 60 degrees and hung to dry, so it's wrinkle-free and iron-free. Of course, you can both iron and iron if you prefer a smoother and softer towel.

In the Bubbel series, there is also a matching Hand Towel.
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