Korn Table cloth

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A tablecloth for all occasions with inspiration from a classic Swedish pattern called goose-eye.
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Product description
A linen cloth with a graceful drape and simple design.

Woven with unbleached linen yarn in the warp and coloured linen yarn in the weft. From a distance, the cloth appears almost solid in color, but upon closer inspection, the pattern becomes distinct. The cloth is one of our thinner but of the same high quality.

The linen cloth is easy to care for and can be washed at 60 degrees. It can either be air-dried, allowing the surface to become textured and lively, or it can be ironed or mangled.

This cloth pairs excellently with placemats or a runner on top. When setting the table, we recommend our napkins, available in the same color scheme.

The fabric also works wonderfully for dressmaking, curtains, drapery, and is available for purchase by the meter, with a width of 160 cm, or as pre-sewn cushions.

The fabric shrinks approximately 5-7% after washing.
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