Lilla Storm Towel black/graphite

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Lovely small linen hand towel with a wavy surface that fits nicely in both the bathroom and kitchen.
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Product description
Here is the towel with a delightful wavy surface and the fun detail of different colors on the right and back side.

Designed for the bathroom with a matching Bath Towel. However, we have noticed that it also fits excellently in the kitchen as a "throw". With its wavy structure, it is delightful to dry hands with, handle pots, etc., and can then be combined with one of our glass towels to create a nice set in the kitchen.

When washed, waves form to create pattern and function. It quickly absorbs moisture, dries fast, and is easy to carry everywhere.

Easy to care for as it only needs to be washed at 60 degrees and hung to dry, thus wrinkle and mangle-free. Of course, you can both mangle and iron if you prefer a smoother and softer towel.

In the Storm series, besides this little towel, there is also a "regular" hand towel and bath towel.
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