Pillow case 40x70 Våga

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The wavy texture makes this cushion a durable everyday favorite!
Size: 40x70 cm.
Article nr: 40x70-50

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Product description
Rectangular cushion cover in our popular fabric Våga, a fabric with a wavy and exciting texture.

The pattern is a variation of classic waves woven with unbleached linen yarn in the warp and colored linen yarn in the weft.

Size: 40x70 cm. The size refers to the dimensions of the inner cushion. The cushion cover is a few centimeters smaller to make the cushion look full and nice.

The cushion cover has a zipper at the bottom to access the inner cushion.

Inner cushion is NOT included in the price.

Våga is also available as a tablecloth, table runner, placemat, and by the meter.
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