Våga Table cloth blue 160x250

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Unbeatable easy-care linen tablecloth!
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Product description
Våga is an unbeatable easy-care linen tablecloth with an exciting texture that requires neither ironing nor mangling!

After washing, the surface contracts into small, narrow waves and gains more color. Wash and lay flat to dry on a floor that can withstand moisture, or hang as straight as possible. The cloth becomes longer if stretched during drying. Remove wrinkles after storage by gently spraying them with water and shaping them with your fingers. Iron or mangle if a smooth and/or longer cloth is desired.

Våga is available as a tablecloth and fabric at a width of 160 cm, as well as a runner, placemat, and fabric at a width of 50 cm, and as pillowcases.

Shrinks approximately 10%.
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