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A delightful set consisting of a bath towel, hand towel, and face washcloth in 100% linen
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Product description

A lovely gift set in 100% linen consisting of 1 bath towel, 1 hand towel, and a matching face washcloth. Woven and sewn by us in Hälsingland.

The perfect present, a beautiful and sustainable gift that shows care for the environment and brings joy in everyday life for many years to come.

The bath and hand towels in the Storm pattern develop a wonderful wavy texture after washing, featuring a fun detail of different shades on the front and back. White stripes on the front side and golden stripes on the back.

The face washcloth in the same colour scheme helps you effectively remove all makeup from your face and eyes. The washcloth also provides a gentle micro-peeling effect, leaving your skin clean with a nice glow.

All three products are easy to care for as they only need to be washed at 60°C and hung up to dry.

Before using the products for the first time, they should be machine washed at 60°C to make them soft and absorbent.

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