Pillow case 50x50 Rutig Strandråg

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Our classic Rutig Strandråg pattern in a cushion cover in linen.
Size: 50x50 cm.
Article nr: 50x50-34

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Product description
Rectangular cushion cover in our classic pattern Rutig Strandråg.

The pattern is a variant of the classic Swedish pattern, woven with unbleached linen yarn in the warp and coloured linen yarn in the weft.

Size: 50x50 cm. The size refers to the dimensions of the inner cushion. The cushion cover is a few centimeters smaller to ensure a full and beautiful appearance. The cover has a zipper at the bottom to access the inner cushion.

Inner cushion is NOT included in the price but can be purchased separately if desired.

Cushions in the Rutig Strandråg pattern are available in sizes 50x50 cm and 40x70 cm.

Rutig Strandråg is also available as a tablecloth, runner, placemat, and fabric by the meter.
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