Rutig Strandråg Piece goods width 160 cm white/unbleached

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A classic fabric inspired by an old swedish pattern.
Width 160 cm.
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Product description
A grand fabric, woven with unbleached yarn in the warp and colored yarn in the weft to create a classic houndstooth pattern.

"Rutig Strandråg" is one of the first patterns that Ingela Berntsson designed when the weaving mill opened and is still one of our absolute bestsellers. "Rutig Strandråg" is one of our heavier qualities and is best suited for ironing after washing.

The fabric works excellently for tablecloths, draperies, upholstery fabric, and more. "Rutig Strandråg" is available for purchase as a tablecloth and by the meter with a width of 160 cm, as well as placemats, table runners, pillows, and by the meter with a width of 35 cm.

The fabric shrinks approximately 5-7% after washing.
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