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A linen tablecloth with 6 or 12 linen napkins.
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Product description
A fantastic gift for those who appreciate life's pleasures, for the newlyweds, as a housewarming present... A beautiful and sustainable gift that shows care for the environment and brings joy for many years to come. A lovely gift set in 100% linen consisting of a linen tablecloth with matching napkins woven and sewn by us in Hälsingland.

Available in two different sizes:
Small set consisting of a Linen tablecloth 160x250 cm and 6 linen napkins.
Large set consisting of a Linen tablecloth 160 x 350 cm and 12 linen napkins.

Our linen tablecloth in the Rödven pattern is suitable for both everyday use and special occasions with its high quality and timeless design. A discreet herringbone pattern woven in untreated unbleached linen in the warp and with a semi-bleached weft gives the tablecloth a light impression. Paired with unbleached linen napkins in plain weave, it creates a solid and elegant feel to the table setting. They are woven to be used as often as you can, as linen only becomes more beautiful with use. Our hope is that you will enjoy your linen tablecloths, and so will your children and grandchildren alike.
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